Sunday, December 15, 2013

18 and Life

Ever stop and take a moment in time?  One of those moments when you stop and look around you and truly
see all that God has done in your life and your family?  When you stop and realize how far He has brought you and how He was not only there for the mountains and the valleys, but he was hoisting you on shoulders to celebrate the highs, and cradling and protecting you through the lows.  Tonight I got a chance to take one of those moments.  After a LONG week of holiday parties, planning meetings, training events, and of course homeschooling 4 kids and attending to my family in the meantime, I sat in my dining room in soaking it all in.

Just hours before the room was filled with people who, since our move to Miami, have poured into and loved on my family and my son.  It was sweet to share an evening with them, celebrating 18 years of glorious life with my rock star, Kedric.  I cannot imagine what my life would have been like without him...don't even want to think about it.  As a tribute, I'm compiling some of my favorite song lyrics...some old, some new...that remind me of him.  Some I used to sing to him.  Some we used to sing together when he was much the track that the title gets credit for.  But it was those silly times together, those moments in time, that I'm so grateful for.  Those are the most precious.  When we just smiled and laughed together.  

It is my prayer that as my family transitions into this season of life, that we always remember those moments. And that we continue to create new ones!  That we never forget the One who brought us together and kept us together.  That as each of us grow into this new phase, we learn and grow from one another.  That we keep open hearts and minds and always love each other with courageous, genuine, unconditional love.  

I cannot believe the one I used to hold in my arms and sing to sleep is taller than me now.  Time.Slow.Down.Please.  I've seen my bright-eyed, strong-willed, boo-bear grow into a young man before my eyes.  I've seen him grow through struggles and seasons that many adults get stuck in.  He has insight and wisdom far beyond his years.  I am blessed to call him son.  

Kedric, this is for you. I'm speaking to you in one of your love lyrics :)  I hope you know that the thought crossed my mind to actually work with one of our guitarist friends and actually sing all of them to you tonight at your party.  You can thank me later for choosing to blog instead :)  Maybe they'll be an extra $20 in your card tomorrow if you can give me all the song titles :)  

Don't stop believin!  

If this world makes you crazy and you've taken all you can then, you call me up, cause you know I"ll be there.  

I believe you can fly.  I believe you can touch the sky.  

Pretty pretty please, don't you ever ever think, that your nothin, you are perfect to me.  

When it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year, I'll be there for you.  When the rain starts to fall, I'll be there for you.  Like I've been there before, I'll be there for you.  

For you I will lay my life on the line.  For you I will follow.  For you I will die.  With everything, my heart my soul, I'll give my world I'll give it all. 

And I thank you for choosing me, to come through and delight to be the beautiful reflection of His grace.  See I know that a gift so great is only one God could create and I'm reminded every time I see your face.  

You'll always be my baby.  Do do do oh.  Do do do di do do dooh yeah. Do do do oh.  Yeah you'll always be my baby. :)

Some pics from tonight's celebration!  If you missed it, please send Kedric some love via Facebook or Instagram (@kedricwlal)

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