Friday, July 10, 2009


Today I read a blog about endurance. It's part of a book study our church is leading...different bloggers are reading a chapter a day out of 6 different christian leadership books and blogging about the main points of the chapter. Then we all discuss it. By the end of the summer, we'll have read 6 books! AWESOME IDEA!!!

But back to endurance. This is something I've always struggled with. Even physically. I can powerfully BURST outta the blocks and blow everyone first. Then something happens. I've blamed boredom in the past. "I'm not's too easy now..." But I think that's a cop out. I know I need to develop endurance. Recently I started running, with the intention of "competing" in a half-marathon in January. I'd never ran more than a mile in my life...and that wasn't pretty. I started my training May 2. Ran 3 times a week every week until the end of June, then it dropped to 2. I say I'm bored with it, but I don't think that's the case. Discipline and endurance. It's what I lack. It's what I need to run a half-marathon. It's what I need to live the life God wants me to live. God, help me to develop this endurance. (Is that like praying for patience?) Even if it is, Lord, I trust in You and ask You to mold me into the person You created me to full God potential.

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