Thursday, July 9, 2009

Letting Go

Just dropped my oldest off at the airport. He's going to hang with his Uncle in Nashville (he's a musician, too) so I KNOW he's gonna have a blast! Sent him off with his guitar in hand :) I know God is working in his life, and I know God is in complete control. But it's moments like these when that false sense of security is really blown to pieces. You know, that feeling that I sometimes rest in, where I believe I can control most things, and protect my children from evil and harm, accidents and injury, all that would and could hurt them. In reality, I have no power to do that. Only my God can protect them.

I release him to you, Lord. He's in the air right now, comletely in Your hands. Watch over Him all the days of his life, wherever he goes and whatever he does. Keep him seeking after You with all his heart. And please bring him back safely to us!


  1. You have a great family! I love my bud Kedricka--- i mean Kedrick lol... He is well protected :D

  2. Hello there. I've seen your cool comments on a couple of our staff blogs. Wanted to drop in and say hi. Love your blog! While I'm here, I'm gonna follow u on twitter too! :)