Thursday, August 26, 2010

Unashamedely Christian

Last night a good friend of mine and I had the opportunity to attend and present at a homeschool orientation meeting in Miami. I've attended many of these functions, in many different states and communities so they're a familiar scene for me. However, this one was a bit different. Most of the homeschool communities I've been a part of are Christian-based. I mean, there's a spectrum, but still they were centered around God. This orientation was for a community that is not faith-based. As I listened to the lady present the different types of curriculum I heard a phrase several times that made me cringe: "and although this is a Christian curriculum, it's very good...and again I know this is Christian, but it's still good." She was apologizing for recommending a Christ-centered method. Wow. I had witnessed this in the "outside" world, but never in the homeschooling community, where it's supposed to be safe. I knew from research I had done when we moved here that there were several secular groups in Dade county, but to actually hear someone apologize for recommending Christ, well, something really hit me hard. I could hear her say it over and over again in my head.

I was so proud to be a part of our group, Classical Conversations. My friend stood there and said we are unashamedely a Christian program. The mission of CC is "To know God and to make Him known." What a task we have ahead of us here in Dade county. We are the first group to break the county line. Other CC start-up attempts have failed in the past and we are praying that God will allow us to break through this year.

Our church is also witnessing the same thing. Lives are being changed here in our community. Strongholds are being broken. It's NOT easy. And it's not always fun. But it's worth it. I know that God is moving in Dade county. I know He loves the people of Miami JUST as much as Fort Lauderdale and Montgomery and Korea and Indiana...and I'm just excited to be a part of it all.

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