Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Faith Child

Tomorrow is my Kaleb's 7th birthday. He's so excited. I know it's cliche, but I can't believe it's been that long since he came into our lives. Each of my children have taught me things...they're not just blessings from God, but He packages them as lessons to help us grow, too. And they're each so different its amazing. Kaleb's taught me to enjoy the little things. He notices details that most of us overlook. When I get my hair done, he's ALWAYS the first to notice, and compliment me on it. He's gonna make a great husband one day :) He feels things and experiences emotions deeper and more quickly than most. And he shares that with you. When he hugs you, you feel it to your core. He's embracing all of you and doesn't hold back anything. He's got a smile that reaches down deep into his soul and eyes full of warmth. But when he hurts, his heart breaks. And so does yours. I sometimes worry about him because he is so sensitve, but I know God has molded him for a purpose so I will trust His perfect plan.

When we found out we were pregnant with Kaleb, we were overjoyed! The 9 months before we had lost our daughter, Kaylee to a heart defect. Although no one could replace our sweet baby girl, my arms felt so empty they physically ached for another child. So he was definitely an answer to prayer. We had a girls name all picked out. I had been reading the book of Job and wanted to name our girl after his daughter, "Kezziah" (of course with our little twist because we can't do anything simply). I loved the name. It helped me remember the story of Job and his faith and how even though he'd lost everything, he never lost faith in God; and God rewarded him. I was trying to live that out through our loss. But when we found out he was a boy, it was back to the drawing board for the name. I couldn't find the names of Job's sons and I knew that the name we chose would have to be good. Every time I called my child I wanted to be reminded of that faith. I NEEDED to be reminded of it. Or else I would go crazy with anxiety. Plus, it had to start with a 'K' :) We'd already had two K babies, and we would have another girl, later (Kezziah...with a twist) because I just knew in my heart God WAS going to give me another little girl. So I didn't want him to be the odd one out :) It was right about then that I was reminded of the story of Joshua and Caleb. Our pastor actually taught on it the next week. Hey, you can spell Caleb with a K :) So I decided to dive in a little deeper. I learned Caleb was a man of great faith. And not only did he trust God in ALL things, but he was confident and even audacious with his faith. I pray my Kaleb can have that same faith. I pray he can live out a life that is centered in Christ and NEVER backs down from the giants and challenges in this world. He's got a long way to go, but I know God has something in store for him. He will rush those mountains and take those giants when he has to, when God calls him. That I know for sure.

Happy Birthday, to my sweet Kaleb. May you forever be filled with faith in our Awesome Creator and the joy that comes Him alone.

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  1. He is an amazing child. His smile, even from hundreds of miles away and in pictures make me laugh and melts away the bad days. I can't wait for Lucas to meet his cousins and I hope Kaleb and teach him the passion and sensitivity that he has.