Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Anyone who knows me well knows I'm a planner. I like my calendars, my lists, my charts, etc. I mean, God is a God of order, right? That's the line I always pull out when people are attacking me about my "order" disorder anyway. Seriously though, it's important to plan, to think before we act, to be careful in our actions and consider the outcomes, set goals, manage our time, and all that. By doing that, we can have more time to spend ministering and the time we do have can be more productive. That said, I know that there are sometimes I need to loosen up. :) My husband is very spontaneous. I used to love that. Now at times, I allow it to irritate me..."You're not thinking of the kids...we just can't do that...what if..." But you know what, I think I need to listen to him more. Matter of fact, I know it.

Today I was blessed with an opportunity that if I had stuck to my schedule, I would have missed out on. This week our students at church are at camp. They called this morning and said they needed parents to help get the kids to the beach. My first response was no...cause my schedule was full and I still had my 4 and 5 year olds to think about. Four hours at the beach with them in the hot South Florida sun was not my idea of a good time :) But then I thought about it. And felt that nudge from God. I could rearrange my schedule. And if I packed right, it could be a good trip for all involved. So I said yes., I will say this to all you anti-organizing folks...because I already had my beach bag packed and I was prepared with snacks and stuff for last minute emergencies, I was ABLE to say yes. SO, perhaps planning can even help us be more spontaneous...:) but, back to my story now....

I hadn't seen my oldest in 3 days. So that was my first blessing. Then seeing the kids have such good attitudes, even though they were worn out. That was nothing short of a miracle! :) Then I got to watch, from a distance, their teamwork and the way the leaders were really pushing them and stretching them. Some people might see the activities and crazy things they're doing and think, "What is the point?" But I'll tell you this. I saw kids today doing things they never thought they could do, and never could have done alone. I saw leaders encouraging students, patting them on the back and building TRUE relationships. I saw kids with genuine smiles who were amazed at what they were able to do when they dug down deep and tried with everything they had. And, I sat in a car for two different 45 minute rides with four teenagers who not once uttered a single complaint. Wow. Not only did I get to witness all that, but I had a great time at the beach playing with my younger two kids.

Thank you, Woo, for teaching me to be more spontaneous. And thank you, Lord for blessing me when I am obedient.

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  1. My heart is filled with the knowledge that God had you and your little ones in his hands today. The small stuff that I am so happy to hear that you saw. Kedric in shorts not complaining. Kaleb being an engineer and Kaciah in charge. Thank you for the pic and the words. Love ya Mom